​" BioCored is the best fitness equipment and Therapy tool I have ever used...all in one system!"    
  -Dave Iava, Founder of Evolution Sports Performance, MA        

Take it in your suitcase or hang it on any door that shuts.  Just hang

the suspension handles over the door and shut it tight. And wah lah!

​" BioCored is the best all-in-one fitness equipment I have ever used... an amazing head to toe workout!"    

  -Dave Iava, Founder of Evolution Sports Performance, MA

BioCored is the buoyant Suspension equipment. CorrectiveX is the education

BioCored CorrectiveX™ is The System of Corrective Movement

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Equipment- Check out some of BioCored's newly added gear to its product line. The BioCored Sport utilizes buoyancy and bungees with four simple bungee settings: full, heavy, medium, and light. Designed with smaller user's in mind, you get the same great workout for a great price! It is smaller and lighter than BioCored Pro, making it great for travel, so you can work out almost anywhere! Like our Pro,  The Sport comes in three different packages. Check out our online store to see which one works for you! 

Courses - BioCored CorrectiveX Level Two is happening September 27-28 at the Body By Gym Roots.! This course takes you even deeper into The BioCored System of Corrective Movement™. Learn additional Assessments and Corrective tools to help your client’s progress last longer, if not permenantly.  The pre-requisites is CorrectiveX Level One Certification. If you are not yet up to Level Two, sign up with us for course alerts. We will send you an alert every time a course of your choice is scheduled. No course near you? Consider becoming a Course Host!

Science News- Researchers from the Allen Institute for Brain Science have published the first comprehensive, large-scale data set on how the brain of a mammal is wired, providing a groundbreaking data resource and fresh insights into how the nervous system processes information. Their landmark paper in this week's issue for the journal Nature both describes the publicly available Allen Mouse brain Connectivity Atlas, and demonstrates the exciting knowledge that can be gleaned from this valuable resource...

Biocored Suspension Training Equipment & Education

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“BioCored has really changed my life and many of the people around me. Nobody ever teaches young people how your body is connected and the neural contribution to how your body works. BioCored has helped so many people it is just amazing. I am very excited to continue all of my learning and improving!”

- Allison Lambright

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The Magic of BioCored CorrectiveX™ is the clients' brain. Learn the "STIM" protocols that will change movement patterns at 300 mph.

Muscle Activation, Muscle firing pattern changes, joint mobility, sensory motor assessments that are integrated into BioCored Corrective movements. The results are unprecedented.

BioCored Education

Your brain's Magic

Our Pro line is designed for constant​commercial use, comes with a full year replacement/repair warranty,  and is able to adjust resistance settings for all levels of ability.

Pro Equipment

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